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[Bug] Correct words with umlauts marked as incorrect


As of 2.0.1 (2217), the spell checker in ST2 still categorically marks all words with German umlauts (and presumably every other type of special character) as incorrect, even though they are listed as correct in the dictionary file. I had reported this a few months ago during beta, as had others, but sadly it hasn’t been addressed yet. It’s a relatively major issue for me (I use ST2 for localization tasks) and I’m curious if there’s a realistic chance that this is getting looked into in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks. :smile:



I have the same problem here…

I took a look into the dictionary file and there seems to be an encoding issue with the special characters…



Was this ever solved?

I have the same issue now with the special Danish vocals.

Important bug for any translator and for localization work.