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BUG: Cannot push to organisation repo


I’ve been trying for ages to push to organisation repos on GitHub with Sublime Merge. I created a couple of test organisations, and I have write permissions to everything related to them, and I am the sole owner. I can push to repos made in these organisations via GitHub Desktop (it works seamlessly, but has a bad workflow) and via the Fork Git Client (when I clone via SSH, it doesn’t work via HTTPS, either).

Submerge can clone from the repo, but cannot push. I’ve tried SSH and HTTPS - both fail with 403 errors and “permission denied to Darthagnon”, even though I own and control the repos.
Submerge does, however, work with my personal GitHub repos, as expected.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a place I can import SSH certs in Submerge so that I can use SSH properly? Why does HTTPS not work?

I love Submerge, and would prefer to use it for my git workflow, but until it actually works with git, I cannot use it, and have to use competitors like Fork, GitHub Desktop and SmartGit



I asked on Reddit about this issue a while back:



I guess SM just use SSH certs under %userprofile%\.ssh under Windows like in other OS (~/.ssh).