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Bug 2161: fontStyle doesn't work anymore?


Upgrading for 2152 to 2161, it look like the fontStyle from tmTheme doesn’t work anymore.
There’s no more italic text in my Python source using Monokai theme.

Is there something wrong on my system or is this a regression in last build ?

startup, version: 2161 windows x64 channel: dev



It’s still working, although restrictions have been placed on which fonts it’ll work with - it’ll only be used if the font and its italic/bold versions are the same width.

What font and font_options are you using?



You’re right, this is my config:

"font_face": "Meslo LG M", "font_size": 11,
Meslo come from

It works with font_size = 10 or 12, but not for 11

Edit: Any chance that it work again with 11 ?



Sorry to bother you Jon, but is there any chance that my current config work again in next build or do I have to find a new font ?
It took me a while to find a font/size that I really like.