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Branch Graph Colorization Not Matching


In the attached image, the pinkish branch label “py_parser_bridge” has a blue square on the graph line to the left side of the selected row.

On more complicated repos, this color discrepancy can make the commit history confusing to read.

The screen shot was taken right after I checked out the “py_parser_bridge” branch. Just to be clear, I think the pinkish label should be blue and the “dev” branch should be pinkish in order to match the graph.



This has been reported on the issue tracker :



The more confusing thing is that in current setup the “currently active local branch” is guaranteed not to match the graph color for the same branch. Commented on GitHub as well.



This is still an issue and it drives me crazy. Branch labels should match the branch colour.

It seems to me that this fix is “low hanging fruit” that could make a significant difference to the usability of SM. I’ve commented on the github issue linked by @Clams, above.

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I think what makes this confusing to people is that they don’t realize what the colors mean.

There is one color for tags, one for branches, one for the remote, one for stashes, one to denote the head.

People keep trying to associate the color of the tag with the commit line color, and they are two separate things. Tags are color coded so you know what they are telling you. Am I looking at the tag name? The branch name? Is that a local branch? Or a remote branch? etc.

Maybe Sublime can do something to make that more clear?

Looking at the picture below, we have multiple magenta lines, but they are for different branches. All local branches in this image are cyan, all remote branches are green, and the head (master) is purple. The tag is yellow.

The commit graph just uses the next color in the allowable commit graph colors to make it easy to distinguish one branch commit history form the other. Personally, I find it pretty easy to follow, but I realize, maybe it isn’t universally intuitive.



I guess if Sublime wanted to match the tags with the commit graph, they’d have to first distinguish the tag types from each other with icons maybe. Once you’ve done that, the colors shouldn’t matter, then you could just pair them with whatever commit graph color that branch is using :man_shrugging:.



@facelessuser is correct here. You can see my comment on another related issue here.



That’s exactly the statement I got in the past about this topic.

The colors of the commit graph lines and the badges are not related.

It’s just an unhappy choice of colors so that some of them match sometimes.