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BracketHighlighter - Toggle High Visibility Mode


I’m using this add-in called “BracketHighlighter” which is useful to view start and end of parts of the code. There is a really useful function called “Toggle High Visibility Mode”.
But every time I use Sublime Text I have to turn it on again (using Ctrl+Shift+P and then selecting BracketHighlighter - Toggle High Visibility Mode).
Tried reading the developers notes on how to always have on but no luck.
Please provide instructions for a coding beginner.


  1. The documentation describes a setting that does exactly what you are asking for. Docs even provide a search to help you find such things :wink:. But I’ll save you the trouble:

  2. The best place to get BracketHighlighter specific help is over at:

Hopefully that helped.

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Hi thanks for responding. Unfortunately I can’t get it to work. Please explain in simpler terms.
So far I have (in Preferences/Settings, User):
Tried true and false.

    // Enable high visibility by default when sublime starts up
    "high_visibility_enabled_by_default": true,

    // High visibility style and color for high visibility mode
    "high_visibility_style": "outline"


Did you restart Sublime? high_visibility_enabled_by_default ensures that by default, when Sublime starts up that high visibility will be turned on. So in short, it only comes into play when Sublime starts up If you don’t want to restart, then use the toggle, and next time you restart, it should be enabled by default.



Yes, I have restarted and reset the high visibility manually as mention in the original post.
For other functions such as spell check and word wrap, I’ve enable these in the User file, and these seem to work.



OK, it seems to be that settings are made in a new file “bh_core.sublime-settings” in the User folder.
The instructions then work.