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BracketHighlighter search threshold


Hi, i’m currently working on a website project and thought it would be cool to download a package to have a better view of my bracket
So I downloaded BracketHighlighter and it works really well, I love all the colors and stuff…

But there’s one thing that I don’t find the solution even after searching forums, I have a big

and a big navbar code, only problem is that BracketHighlighter doesn’t seems to find the ending tag

I’ve tried pushing the search_treshold up to 10000 or even removing the limits ( my div is like 5032 characters) but still, I have this red question mark and it’s bothering me because everything well works just well, I might have missed some settings or whatsoever
Anyway if someone already had this issue and managed to fixed it I’m all ears

Thank you.



If there is a mismatching tag, there may be a question mark as well.

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