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Black boxes showing in the gutter


Hi, I’m attaching a screenshot of the black boxes that appear on my gutter. I’m on Mac Mini M1, build 4113.



Looks like related image files can’t be found.

Would need to find out which plugin adds them and find the reason for them no longer being valid.



Isn’t this a built-in Sublime Text functionality?



The incremental diff is the green bar along the left; the other things are icons added to the gutter by a plugin/package of some sort

Natively, Sublime will display a dot in the gutter for any line where you use Edit > Mark > Set Mark and a bookmark for any line where you use Goto > Bookmarks > Toggle Bookmark.

All other icons would come from third party packages and plugins. So unless you’ve been doing a ton of marking and bookmarking, chances are good that this is probably coming from an external package. Common places where this might happen include linting tools that are trying to warn you about problems, or the GitGutter package (which would be replicating what the built in functionality can already do at this point as far as gutter icons are concerned).



GitGutter doesn’t show gutter marks if incremental_diff is enabled.