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BetterJinja & BetterTwig


Hey guys :wave:

This post is to announce my very first packages that I have created for ST i.e. BetterJinja & BetterTwig.

Both of them are syntax packages. BetterJinja is for Jinja2 templating language & BetterTwig is for PHP Twig templates. These packages, apart from offering syntax highlighting, also offer completions, snippets & key bindings to make your life easier while working with Jinja2 or Twig templates. The file contains more documentation if you are interested.

So if you are a Jinja2 or Twig user and want some syntax highlighting sprinkled on your templates, do give these packages a try.

You can find the links to these packages below. It’s not yet on Package Control but the provides instructions on how you can start using these packages otherwise.


Hopefully, you enjoy them & they add some value to your workflow. As usual any feedback & bug reports are appreciated.
Have a great day & stay safe !



Many thanks for the Twig one :smiley: