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Better UI: select opened file


I have 30 opened files and moving from to to another is sometime a pain.
There should be an option to have multiple line for files like:


Or the arrow on the left must move to one file every click, not just a slice.

Point 2.
The files list on the right should highlight (for example using bold) the current(s) opened file so I can understand where I am.

Or whatever better than what is currently implemented.





ST’s current tabs rendering has some issues with regards of keeping active tab in front.

But I don’t think multiple lines of tabs are a viable solution.

They cause connection between between active tab and view to get lost, are hard to render in a eye candy way (making theming more hard) and with a reasonable amount of tabs are overloaded at some point as well. There’s just no chance to display 100 tabs if you don’t want to spread them over the whole screen, leaving no room for text views.

I’d recomment Compass Navigator for use cases beyound ctrl+tab. It provides a Goto Anything like quick panel with all open files in current group and allows fuzzy searching for the desired one.

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Why don’t you just use the sidebar?

I too have often many files open at once. The sidebar lists them clearly and navigation is quick with Ctrl + Arrow-Up/Down.

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