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Good morning,

I purchased a Sublime Text and Merge bundle license yesterday but did not receive it. Looking around on the forums, the typical answer is to contact sales, which I’ve done, but it’s often indicated that sales does not respond, and this is the case for me as well.

I would like to get my license, but I would also like to suggest an improvement to the licensing process.

The typical issues identified are a typo in the provided email address (which can potentially be the case for me) or a spam filter (which I’ve checked to no avail). My suggestions is to add an additional step in the licensing process where a verification email is sent prior to the issuing of a license. This would catch any typos in the email address, and prompt the user to check their spam folder/settings. In turn this would reduce the burden on the team at Sublime.

Thanks for your time and a great product.

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Unfortunately, as seen on forum many times, the experience for many people purchasing licenses is not always good & I can kind of see a bad trend here. AFAIK, only one person on the Sublime HQ team manages sales & license stuff. Ideally, they should really consider hiring another person to help in this space I guess, if there’s too much volume of people purchasing that’s causing delays.

But I know there’s also been issues like issue with their payment system, outages, staff being vacation (not an issue, but yeah). I’ll give them benefit of doubt :slight_smile:



Good afternoon,

I did eventually receive my license. I’m not sure what the issue was. Given that the license came to correct email address, I suspect that there was just some sort of delay in processing as opposed to an error.

Thanks again to Sublime. I’m happy with the product and the resolution of my issue. Please consider automating your processes and having some sort of feedback/fail-safe mechanism so that your users are in the loop.

Take care.



That delay makes me feel licenses are issued manually. :thinking:

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Could you remind me why Sublime Text is still distributed out of App Store?
Actually, maybe it will be nice/simple to everyone to have a 3 year subscription inside an App Store.