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Beach Ball Immediately After Text Change


Version 3.2.2 Build 3211
macOS 10.15.7

For what seems like years I have been dealing with frequent beach ball hangups (several seconds each time) in ST on my MBPro. I think it happens immediately after I make the first text change (to an existing file or a new one) and then maybe a few times per hour after that.

I know at one point I tried turning off the git diff check but either the setting didn’t take or that wasn’t the problem. It’s been such a prolonged problem and investigation that I don’t recall anymore all that I’ve tried and checked.

Where should I look or what should I try to get to the bottom of this? Thank you for your help, I’m tired and just want to use my ST :frowning:



The first thing to check is whether it’s caused by a plugin, you can do this by reverting to a freshly installed state.



Thank you, this seems to have worked so far so I’ll be methodical about bringing plugins back in



Easiest way to find the culprit if you have a lot of packages is to get a list of all the plugins and put them all in the "ignored_packages" setting. Then you can comment groups of them out to narrow down the culprit, ie. do binary search.