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Automatically add missing symbols


Hello, I was wondering if there is some plugin or something that adds all the missing syntax errors symbols when either saving or compiling the code, I have LSP for C called clangd and sometimes it prompts me to quick fix but this only works when I am directly on that character that needs to be quick fixed, I can’t seem to find the option if it is possible to automatically fix all the characters that need fixing or it simply doesnt exist. If anyone has any tips would appreciate the help thanks.



Not sure whether this works or not but probably the most hopeful one to try. In LSP settings,

  // A dictionary of code action identifiers that should be triggered on save.
  // Code action identifiers are not officially standardized so refer to specific
  // server's documentation on what is supported but `source.fixAll` is commonly
  // used to apply fix-on-save code actions.
  // This option is also supported in syntax-specific settings and/or in the
  // "settings" section of project files. Settings from all those places will be
  // merged and more specific (syntax and project) settings will override less
  // specific (from LSP or Sublime settings).
  // Only "source.*" actions are supported.
  "lsp_code_actions_on_save": {
    "source.fixAll": true,  // <-------------------------------- uncomment this
    // "source.organizeImports": true,
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I did uncomment it, actually I added those lines to my own settings because I can’t edit, or I don’t know how to edit these general options it doesnt allow me. Anyways its not working, even when I save it does nothing, no fixes.



if this is the first time you see sidebyside settings editting, the left is readonly default usually, the right is yours.

but it looks like you have done it, and it did not work.

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No I have been doing for some time now for configuring sublime to my liking but it seems that it doesnt work, so yeah not sure why haha