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Automatic dark-mode


I wrote a small plugin:

Hope it helps.



Hi there. I just discovered this plug-in but it seems your repository is no longer accessible and I can’t install it via Package Control. Will the plug-in be making a return?



ST4 now has an “auto” mode to detect light and dark. ST4 is in beta and requires a license.

If I understand correctly, the author, after this very recently added feature in ST4, discontinued support of this plugin as it is deemed no longer necessary (they use ST4), but with that said, the built-in feature is only available for ST4 and is not going to be backported to ST3, so the removal of this package may leave those on ST3 in a lurch. Unless there is a fork, you may have to write your own for ST3, or give ST4 a try, if you have a license.



Ah, that makes sense. I’m still on 3, and didn’t know about the new features in 4. I did find this fork that works, in case it helps anyone else:

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