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Autocompleting in CSS completes the wrong item


Recently (last 4 months or so) when I’m typing in CSS, the autocomplete (eg when I push Tab) completes the wrong thing from what I’m on. For example margin-bottom autocompletes to max-resolution. This is maddening and I have no idea what is causing it (nor what Package is causing it, I can’t right click on the suggestion to even know). Thanks for any tips - here is a video:


Autocomplete fills in incorrect value

That green inline display is caused by the Emmet package. Does the problem go away if you temporarily disable that package?

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Hi friend OdatNurd is right, and i not goes to contradict an expert in ST.

but if you not want disable complety emmet, you can disable only css in Emmet with this.

Preferences->Package setting->Emmet-> Settings

and you put this in Settings-user:

“auto_mark”: “markup”





Yes! If I disable Emmett, then the issue is done. Thats really strange. I need Emmett though… Why did this start happening I wonder.



Thank you Jose, changing the auto_mark fixed the issue.

I still would like to understand why this started recently… I love Emmett and its strange it would be so buggy!



I don’t use Emmet myself, but I think this particular feature is fairly new-ish, based on a lot of people asking questions about it (specifically, what the green box is for, which is why I recognized it).

If it’s not working correctly it may be helpful to raise an issue with the developer so they can look into it and make the feature better.



Will do that. The green box being key I think is really helpful. Cheers Odat.