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Autocomplete/import not working for project exports (LSP-typescript)


Over the past week, autocomplete/import randomly wouldn’t work for functions etc exported from my project.

For example, in src/function.js, I have export default myFunction, and from other files in src/ I no longer get the autocomplete (or the subsequent auto-import) when I type myFunction partially or fully.

Sometimes it would start working for a while and then stop.

Exports from certain npm packages alongside the src directory (in node_modules) autocomplete and auto-import just fine still (e.g. @mui/material), but others do not (e.g. lodash).

When I disable the LSP server, none of the autocomplete or auto-imports work, so generally it seems to be working. Also, it displays in the status bar and there are no scary messages in the LSP debug logs (none in the Sublime console either).

I have uninstalled both LSP and LSP-typescript, restarted sublime, installed them again, restarted sublime, and still no worky. I even restarted my whole computer :slight_smile:

The only change to my sublime config I can recall was installing the Rust Enhanced plugin yesterday - but the issue was sporadically occurring before that. Removing that package didn’t change anything anyways.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time.