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Autocomplete css files in subfolders


Look when i am working in index.html file autocomple of classes works!
But when i am going to style.css autocomple does not work.
Is it possible to tell ST3 that search for completion inside all project?
Thanks a lot



Not sure what were you expecting when you typed block in your css file ? In HTML, the autocompletions show up because I guess have already have a few words that begin with block (along with HTML tags that have block in them). As for CSS, the default completions for CSS properties shows up within {} as in for example :-

.my-class {
    | <- The cursor. The completions show up here when you start typing any CSS properties

If you want completions based on what you have typed in HTML files, then you will have to install some type of package/plugin to do this.

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Look my project consist of several css files.

I need to autocomplete name of existing css styles in another css files in my project. Understand what i mean?

Main css is bootstrap.min.css
And my own css class css/style.css where i modify bootstrap css styles.
For example i want to modify class .black

Look for example in index.html autcomplete for class container works

But in style.css ST3 did not find class .container



It’s hard-coded in

As for blockquote tag, it’s hard-coded in

Both of them are not related to project indexing.

I somehow feel ST should be able to suggest existing tag name (such as suggest my_custom_tag in CSS while <my_custom_tag>...</my_custom_tag> is written in another HTML file in the project… but I don’t find a way.

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Is it possible to make project indexcing for such autocomplete?
What package you recommend to use?