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Auto Complete / Suggestion C++



I have recently started using sublime. I love its interface but am not getting auto completion/suggestion as I get in Codeblocks. I have also downloaded clang auto complete but it not giving the required suggestions for C++ like codeblocks. Please Help.

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I use and it works like a charm.
Try it and if problems try asking for help at plugins github page.

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Hey @simia thanks for referring EasyClangComplete here! :slight_smile:

@Parthib_Gupta I am the maintainer of that plugin and I have designed it with simplicity in mind. I hope you will find it useful. Also, don’t hesitate to open an issue if something does not work.



Can you suggest some nice tutorial for the easyclangcomplete install and setup? Because i am new and sublime isn’t newbie friendly :pleading_face::sob::sob::sob::sob: