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Auto complete selection index (implement "Go-to snippet definition")


I have a long list of custom snippets I have defined in different sub-directories.

When the list above is shown, I’d like to navigate snippets, then press alt+enter to go to the snippet definition / file.

I am able to map a key-binding to invoke when the completions list above is shown:

{ "keys": ["alt+enter"], 
  "command": "goto_snippet_definition",
  "context": [ { "key": "auto_complete_visible" }] },

…but I don’t know how to tell my plugin which was the line which was highlighted right before calling the plugin. I believe that what I need is the selection index, something similar to show_quick_panel()'s on_select() / on_highlight callbacks (link).

FWIW, I have noticed ST by default defines a command which is able to do something like this.

{ "keys": ["f12"], "command": "auto_complete_open_link", "context":
		{ "key": "auto_complete_visible", "operator": "equal", "operand": true },

The above key-binding allows you to press “F12” while navigating the completions list and show you something different each time, so theoretically this appears possible.

Thanks in advance.



Completions panels don’t support callbacks like on_select(), mainly for performance reasons, I guess.

auto_complete_open_link command opens the first link in a completion’s details field.

I am not aware of sublime-snippet files to be able to define kind info or details field however.



Thanks for chiming in @deathaxe. I suspected this was not possible.

It must receive the reference of the highlighted item or index somehow though. Unfortunately there’s no source code for auto_complete_open_link.
auto_complete and commit_completion commands seem “special” in the same fashion.



All of them are API commands, implemented in ST core.

You could try to file a feature request, but an on_selected() like API is IMHO quite unlikely to be added. It has been discussed several times in the past.

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