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ARM build?


Let’s see how long until there will be an ARM build for Mac -



+1 for an ARM build of Sublime Text, Macs are confirmed transitioning to Apple ARM-based silicon over the next couple years.



Guys, let’s wait at least Apple starts selling the ARM based Macs. I’m pretty sure ST’s developers are fully aware of what Apple announced yesterday.



The whole point of Apple providing ARM development kits to developers is to empower them to start the work now so when customers get their hands on them apps like Sublime Text are already ready to go. This work isn’t going to go away.



A Mac OS ARM build is not the same as a Linux ARM build. I would guess that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the Mac build will be a fat binary. But this thread is requesting a Linux ARM build, which is another thing entirely.

There are two costs to a new Linux ARM build. The obvious cost is the work required to port the existing Linux release to ARM. This may be little work, or it may be a great deal. I doubt that the existence of a Mac ARM port would make it much easier, because if there’s ARM-incompatible code in the code base, then it’s probably concentrated in the platform-specific parts anyway.

The second and much larger cost is that of maintaining, building, and testing a new build from now until forever. Only the Sublime team knows (or can guess) what the added workload would be, and only they can determine whether it’s worth it. Any work spent on a new build type — present or future — must inevitably come out of work spent on other features.



:point_up: that was 2013 and I totally agree that maintaining an ARM build is going to take away elsewhere.

And thank you @ThomSmith for your explanation about the irrelevance of ARM on Mac.

However, no update in 7 years on a popular (or maybe not?) feature request, that’s what upsets me. How about “we have decided it is still not worth it and we might reassess this next year”?



We currently have a private beta for experimental arm64 linux support (no 32bit). If you have a valid Sublime Text 3 license and are willing and able to test on your arm64 device(s) please send me a direct message.


Can we run sublime text on RASPBERRY pi 4?
Arm64 support - PinePhone

was trying, but the forum says it’s not allowed :frowning:



Odd, I have personal messages enabled. Maybe the first action for a user can’t be a direct message to stop spam. I’ve sent you a message.

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@bschaaf I have a valid ST3 licence too and would like to test the arm build, may I join the beta too?



Hi Benjamin,

(unfortunately the forum doesn’t let me send DMs, probably because my account has too few posts, so I’ll post this here)

I’d like to test the experimental arm64 build as well. I have a valid ST3 license and I’m part of the Manjaro ARM developer team.
Do you need any additional info?

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I can’t DM, but I’d like to test the ARM build. I have a Pi 4. I’ve gotten ST3 working in QEMU, but native would be sooo much better. I have a license to ST3 and I’m a software dev.



Join the Discord server from the link in the pinned topic to get access to the ARM build.


Apple Silicon Native Build

ok, where is the discord link ?
i can’t find it.

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Just wanted to say getting Sublime Text running on a Raspberry Pi 400 within Raspberry Pi OS was a breeze. Thanks to the team for getting that done. I think Sublime Text being what it is, easy to use for beginners but has some really nice advance options for later on after some learning this is the text editor I would want to give my kids.



I’m also not able to send DM - but would also like to test ST3 on my Raspi. Thank you



You can join the discord server linked in Resources and Bug Tracking and get the LInux ARM build for ST4. Note that the ARM builds are currently ST4+ only (ST3 won’t have an ARM port) and you need a valid license (or an existing ST3 license) to use ST4.

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Hi I can’t sent you message either… Can you DM me…
Thank you!



Which OS did you use on your Pi 400?