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ARGH: Drag Selection re-selects instead of dragging


I’ve used sublime for several years now and still, multiple times per day, I hit a problem where I screw up a selected text drag because I have to hold the mouse still when i click or it just does another selection.


  1. Create a bunch of text
  2. select some text
  3. While the mouse is moving over the selected region, depress the left mouse button

Result: A new selection is started

Expected: A drag should be started. (Literally ever other text editor I use that allows selection dragging works this way, including VSCode, Notepad++, google docs, MS Word, and many other popular editors. )

I was looking for a feature to control this, but could not find one. I was hoping to see something like:
"drag_text_immediate": true



If you’d like to disable text dragging you can use the "drag_text" setting. Note that from my testing our behavior matches Notepad++, Edge and Google Docs, but VSCode and WordPad behave like you describe.



I need text dragging, so I won’t disable it. I’ve got notepad++ and google docs open right here and they both drag text when clicking while the mouse is moving. I can send a video if you’d like to see a repro.



Please do, because it sounds like we’re talking about different things.