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Are there any settings to control key repeat?


I’m running Sublime on Linux over a VNC session. It’s not the fastest connection in the world, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, and it has worked fine.

Recently, I’ve noticed in SublimeText (and only in SublimeText), I frequently get repeated keys show up when I’m typing. This is particularly prevalent in the Go-to-anything pop-up to the point where it’s barely usable. I suspect the problem doesn’t originate with Sublime (perhaps some kind of network or VNC thing), but I was hoping I could at least mitigate the problem if I had some control over the key repeat.

This has only been a problem in the last week or so, and I haven’t updated Sublime in a lot longer than that (again, I suspect the problem doesn’t originate in Sublime).



Key repeat is handled by the OS (Gtk on Linux). If you mean that two characters are being written for a single key press that sounds like a hardware issue.



It looks like sublime is doing something on its own, rather than relying on the system key repeat. If it were a hardware issue, it would happen in all apps, but it doesn’t. It happens only in sublime (which is running on a linux machine over VNC). It doesn’t even happen in other apps on the Linux machine in the same VNC session.

Normally, everything works fine, but the VNC connection has been laggy lately. I can deal with laggy, but lag seems to make sublime suffer from key repeat issues, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to mitigate that.



You can change the repeated keys configuration for GTK using gsettings as described here. We don’t have any key repetition built-in to ST, it all comes from GTK in your case. Do the other programs you’ve tested with also use GTK?



I’ve played with the repeat settings on gtk and managed to make the problem go away. Thanks!

I’m still puzzled as to why other programs on the linux machine (mostly Sublime Merge and my terminal) didn’t have the same issue, but things are working for me now.



Sublime Merge uses the same code for text input, so not sure what was going on there then.