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Are the commands in Sublime Merge command palette defined by a .sublime-commands file like custom commands?


Sublime Text expose the Default folder and the Preference.sublime-settings file (and others) while keeping them read only. This is an awesome way for users to learn how to use it.

Does Sublime Merge have a similar default .sublime-commands file that defines the existing/out-of-the-box commands in command palette? This would be a great way for users to explore and learn the full power of custom commands via copying and tweaking in User/Default.sublime-commands .



Similar to ST, there is Packages/Default.sublime-package/Default.sublime-commands along with sublime_merge.exe under Windows. Other OS should be similar too I guess.

In case you didn’t aware of, a .sublime-package file is just a ZIP file.



I’m on ubuntu 20.04 and Sublime Merge build 2050. Under ~/.config/sublime-merge/Packages , there is only a User folder. I couldn’t either a Default folder or a Default.sublime-package file/folder.



Just found out from that Default.sublime-package/Default.sublime-commands lives under /opt/sublime_merge/Packages on Linux.

Thanks, @jfcherng!