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Are sublime text 4 and python the same?


I recently downloaded sublime text 4 after making code on python (that worked). I then opened the file in sublime text 4 and my code would not output an answer after I put the correct input. Any help?



Even when I input and incorrect answer (which I made another code for) I still did not get a response.



Are Sublime and Python the same? No, one is a text editor and the other is a programming language. However, you’re running afoul of how the Output Panel that displays the output of your program is output only; you can’t run an interactive program directly in Sublime without using a third party package.



What am I supposed to do. Python is a coding language, where I type the code, and sublime text 4 is a text editor, what is the difference? Python has the same controls and such, and they both show the output. Do I even need sublime if I want to type code?



The difference is that one is a programming language and one of them is a general purpose tool that allows you to edit any kind of text, be it a Python program, a C program, an HTML page, notes, a shopping list or the script to the next great screenplay.

Your question is unclear; originaly it sounded like you were running a program that asks for input, which you can’t do and the linked forum post tells you how to fix that.

If you are still hung up on them being the same or not instead, I’m not sure what your question actually is.