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Are self signed certificate supported on Windows?


Does Sublime Merge have it’s own certificate store on Windows? I can’t find documentation or previous posts on this. If I missed it, please link me to the existing documentation.

We self host our Git repos and use a self signed certificate. Whenever I try to interact with the remote it does not appear to be using the local Windows certificate store and instead I get an error “fatal: unable to access ‘’: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain”

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by “interact with the remote”, do you mean modification actions like “push” or also query actions like “pull”?
because ST uses the standard git command line version for modification actions, so if it’s only that which is not working, the solution would presumably be the same as however one would normally do it with commandline git



I’m facing the same issue here. Just like @kingkeith mentioned, the workaround is to use git command in Git Bash, but it a bit annoying. I really hope that I could use Sublime Merge for a full Git flow experience without jumping between Sublime Merge and Git Bash… Is there any setting I can do in Sublime Merge to make "Pull’ and “Push” working for self signed certificate?