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Are landmarks available in minimap?


I’d like to put landmarks in my code so I can visually see where certain sections begin—specifically in the minimap?

Does SublimeText support this?

Looks like Apple’s newest Xcode will have it.Check time stamp 25m 10s…



I don’t think Sublime currently permits this in specific. I have seen occasional methods for doing this by creating large comment text words that are large enough to show up in the super condensed graphic of the minimap. Not really the same thing I know, but it does perform roughly the same effect.



ASCII Art basically:

If Sublime did it properly, it would have to work for all languages, so maybe there would be an agreed upon scope for package authors like meta.landmark.



Yeah I first saw that trick on a Xah Lee Emacs post at

There appears to be a plugin for this, though I couldn’t find it on Package Control so I don’t know if it was every formally released. You can manually install it though:



It’s a fun trick, but wouldn’t want to put the gigantic novelty text in code that other people have to look at too :face_with_monocle:

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You can use the Bookmark feature (CMD + F2, and then F2 to jump to each).
I guess there is a plugin to also show it in the history, but with F2 jumping between them it’s fine.

Also there is a //todo plugin, that indexes all your files and if you have something like:
//todo: i need to code this
it will show you all //todos in your project and be able to jump to them.
ps: can’t remember the name, used it a lot, lost it on a clean install.
pps: i think it’s this one:



Good idea as a workaround! Thanks for the reply.



I do love the bookmark feature. But I was looking for something a bit more prominent. I use a to-do list already, and like to keep everything in one place. But that’s a really good suggestion. Thank you for the response!

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