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Applying new ST4 licence multiple times to get past blockers


I bought a ST4 licence on 26 May 2021 after being caught in the ‘haha gotcha’ upgrade from ST3/4. I am completely happy to buy a new licence, the value for money out of ST is adequate and the ST developers have got to eat just like I do but the process was a poor experience.

Having forked over my money all was okay until a reboot. I now have the 'LICENCE UPGRADE REQUIRED" message back and removing and applying the licence does nothing and when I go to the upgrade page it tells me I am a business account and can’t use the personal licence I bought 6 days ago.

This was going to be a call for help but after writing the above I tried removing my licence and applying the ST4 one I bought for the 5th or 6th time and suddenly all appears good again. Not confident what will happen after the next reboot but thought it might be useful for others to know that after a certain number of slamming your head into the brick wall on this issues you might find joy.