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Appearance of selected find matches in minimap inconsistent?


With Sublime Text 4141, I’ve noticed that the color scheme for find items in the minimap is somewhat inconsistent from that for the other color scheme options.

That is, when using find, and have all hits highlighted and one particular hit selected, we have the following options in our color scheme (see documentation ) …

        "highlight": "var(red3)",
        "find_highlight_foreground": "var(select_hl)",
        "find_highlight": "var(orange)",
        "scroll_highlight": "red",
        "scroll_selected_highlight": "white",

highlight controls the border color for all matches … everything else controls what the single selected item looks like, with the scroll_... variables controlling what the pucks in the scroll bar look like.

For the minimap, however, I don’t think there are specialised options (?).

Instead, all matches follow the highlight color.

And, the currently selected match follows … it’s own rule??

It’s not clear to me, but it seems to be ignoring both find_highlight and scroll_selected_highlight and instead darkens the highlight color??

The inconsistency is a little irksome given that all matches and the selected match are coloured in two different locations outside of the minimap while the third minimap colouring is out of our control? Easily leads to some noise in the color scheme too. Personally, I find it hard to see the selected match in the minimap with its current workings.

Am I missing something?