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API reference (website doc): add a page per section and denser tabular/collapsible view


Currently all API reference docs are a giant consolidated page
While this might be good for some type of searches, it’s bad for others: if I want to only search for APIs for WindowCommand I’m out of luck as other APIs will interfere.

  • So each section needs to have a separate webpage in addition to this global one

Also, there is currently way too much vertical space so sometimes it’s even hard to see what a given found method belongs to

  • the sections need to be collapsible with clear vertical alignment

For example, for sublime_plugin.EventListener I can only see only half a dozen of methods

While with a quick ST copy&paste, I could see almost 40 of the methods with plenty more room to spare, with no duplication of the text for a simple _async variant (this also helps in search), with the added benefit of nice alignment with clearly visible differences in arguments. I could then wrap/unwrap the lines read the full description of a specific API