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Announcing SublimeLinter-contrib-Powershell, a linter for Powershell


Even though Sublime text 3 have linter plugins for most languages, I couldn’t find one for powershell, so I made SublimeLinter-contrib-Powershell.

With help of SublimeLinter I integrated PSScriptAnalyzer in Sublime Text 3.

Besides standard linting, the linter is also able to perform the following compatibility checks against different powershell versions and environments.

  1. Identify syntax elements that are incompatible with targeted PowerShell versions.
  2. Flag cmdlets that are not available in a given Edition/Version of PowerShell on a given Operating System.
  3. Identify types that are not available (loaded by default) in targeted PowerShell platforms.

For a subset of the rules included (mostly compatibility checks) It will also show suggestions.

Advanced configuration of the linter is possible with help of a PSScriptAnalyzerSettings file.

All the heavy lifting is done by SublimeLinter, so a shout-out to those guys for making it so easy to create new linters for S3.

And obviously, also to the guys behind PSScriptAnalyzer for a great powershell linter.

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