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Android support?


I’d like to use a single text editor on all my platforms. Sublime Text has good multiplatform support, I’m happy to see Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows all supported. Occasionally, I need to edit a text file on my Android phone, so I need to use some sort of text editor, and Sublime Text wouldn’t be a bad choice. Are there plans to port Sublime to Android and other mobile devices?

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I think Jon is waiting for microsoft to port visual studio for android first…




I think Jon is waiting for microsoft to port visual studio for android first…[/quote]

NVIDIA already did that

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Can you write, debug & compile .net code?



I second the desire for a phone and tablet port.
I use a bluetooth keyboard with my phone and do a lot
Of roughing out of ideas on my phone. I currently use vim
But would love to switch to sublime and would be willing
To pay an additional registration for an android port.



I also use terminal ide and py4a on my phone.
Apps like Qpython make me think porting sublime
While not trivial would have and active and receptive

I would willingly invest time into helping such an effort in any way possible.



it is a good idea. you can integrate with termux, open files from termux (android file managers support this) and debug programs from termux. it’s possible to run python on android, so it won’t be too hard.



+1 I would love to see this as well. I use Sublime Text in my Win and Linux env. It’d be great to have the ability to use it on my tablet as well, which I use regularly when out and don’t feel like breaking out my laptop. JS

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