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An option to hide the left part of the gutter


I rarely use the left part and hiding it will save space. The option ‘fold_buttons’ can hide the right part, but there isn’t a similar one for the left part.



What specifically are you referring to when you say “left part”? The line numbers?



Bookmarks. I want to hide all except the fold buttons in the gutter. As far as I know, only line numbers and fold buttons can be hidden. It would be great if all elements in the gutter can be hidden individually.



Here is a little trick to “hide” the bookmark icons:
Run the UI: Customize Color Scheme command from the command palette and add the following rule to your color scheme:

    "rules": [
            "scope": "bookmarks",
            "foreground": ":-)"

The use of an invalid foreground value like in this example makes the icon color being the same as the background color, so it will appear invisible. This only works if the color scheme doesn’t define a “gutter” color different from the normal background, and the icon can still be seen when the caret is on the same line (because then the gutter background will be highlighted). So this is more a “hack” / workaround, rather than a proper solution :wink:

In general, gutter icons are controlled by plugins/packages, and sometimes there might be a package setting to disable the icons.

Also the gutter width will be unchanged and it won’t save any space.



Thanks for your reply, but my main aim is to reduce the unnecessary width of the gutter.



How to know if this feature request will be accepted?