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ALT+P not working


Version 3.2.2 build 3211

I’ve got used to work with projects, but I noticed that the shortcut for “Project” menu doesn’t work here.

When I hit ALT+P the menu doesn’t open. The same happens for the “Preferences” menu.



This can happen if you (or one of the packages you have installed) has a binding on Alt+P (or Alt+N, for the Preferences menu). In that case, pressing the key triggers the associated command instead of opening the menu.

One way to check that (if the key doesn’t seem to be doing anything obvious) is to open the Sublime console with View > Show Console and then enter sublime.log_commands(True) in the input panel at the bottom. If you press the keys, you should see nothing logged for either one of them in the console; something being logged is an indication that there’s a binding on that key.

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Got it. The commands are:

command: sbs_prev_diff
command: sbs_next_diff

That’s related to a diff package.

I wonder if it is possible to change that shortcuts.



You can change the binding in your User keybindings, but the one from the package will still be present (in Sublime, the same command can be bound to as many keys as you like). So changing it won’t solve your problem directly. They would need to be removed at the source, which is definitely possible but has some ramifications.

What Diff package is doing this?



It’s a packaged called “Compare Side-by-Side” :

“No description provided” .

By the way, I noticed now that I can use “shift+alt+p” for open the “Project” menu, as “shift+alt+n” for “Preferences” menu.