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'alt' key not working with .sublime-mousemap


I created a Default (Linux).sublime-mousemap in my User directory. I would like to press “alt” + “left mouse key” and go to the definition of an object:

        "button": "button1",
        "count": 1,
        "modifiers": ["alt"],
        "press_command": "smart_goto",

The weird thing is that the above binding doesn’t work with the “alt” key. If I replace "modifiers": ["alt"] with `“modifiers”: [“ctrl”, “alt”]`` or anything else it works, but with the ‘alt’ key alone it doesn’t.
Any idea?



In many Linux window managers, alt+click has a meaning to the window manager by default (e.g. allowing you to grab a window from anywhere and drag it instead of just the caption).

I would check into your window manager settings to see if there is something there that you can disable.



You are right. That is indeed the problem. Thank you.

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