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Allow organizing User files in sub directories


I’m pretty sure this has been asked already in the past, but I couldn’t find anything via the forum search, so here goes. My User directory has grown quite a bit, to the point that it’s getting difficult to manage. As of today it consists of 95 files (and still growing)!

~/svn/sysconf {dev}$ ls home/.config/sublime-text/Packages/User/
Log Highlight                                         
tests                              GitGutter.sublime-settings                                                               
Adaptive.sublime-theme                                                                                      Side Bar.sublime-menu
C.sublime-settings                 INI.sublime-settings                                SingleTrailingNewLine.sublime-settings                                         
Color Highlight.sublime-settings                                   LSP-bash.sublime-settings                 
Default (Linux).sublime-keymap     LSP-pyright.sublime-settings              
Default.sublime-commands           LSP.sublime-settings                                SublimeLint.sublime-settings
Default.sublime-theme              Monokai.sublime-color-scheme                        SublimeLinter.sublime-settings
Default Dark.sublime-theme         Monokai.tmTheme                                     Tab Context.sublime-menu
Distraction Free.sublime-settings  Monokai Pro (Filter Spectrum).sublime-color-scheme                                                Terminus.sublime-settings                          Origami.sublime-settings                                     OverrideAudit.status                                TOML.sublime-settings                            Package Control.sublime-settings                    unittesting.json
FileHistory.sublime-settings       Package Control.user-ca-bundle                                PanePane.sublime-settings                 
Flake8Lint.sublime-settings        Preferences.sublime-settings              
Git.sublime-settings                                                                                                    Pylinter.sublime-settings                                                                                                                                Pytest This.sublime-build                                         Python.sublime-settings                             

It would be nice if ST allowed to organize User files in sub directories. I suppose this could be achieved via a new setting/preference such as:

    // A list of sub-directories relative to the User/* directory where
    // ST will look for plugins, themes, settings, etc.
    "user_sub_directories": [

It must be noted that ST already allows to put snippets in a separate directory (e.g. User/snippets/*).




Settings, keymaps, … are picked up from sub directories, too.

It’s just the plugins which may require some extra work to expose all API classes to ST. Or maybe just create a “User Plugins” package to group them. I have a “Default Extended” for instance, which contains everything which should be default behavior.

The main issue is location of settings, keymaps, mousemaps and various other package/plugin related resources is controlled by plugins themself. And those put all user relevant files directly into User package. There’s little ST core can do about it.



You can put all of your plugins in a separate folder in the Packages/ directory (That’s what I do). As long as they are at the top level, everything will still continue to work.

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