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Allow different font sizes for different Sublime windows


Most of us, developers, use two monitors. Unfortunately isn’t all time that we can use a second (or even a third) monitor with same resolution of our principal monitor, and Sublime isn’t prepared for this cases.

Today when I have more than one window of Sublime opened, and try to reduce font size via ctrl+scroll in a monitor with low resolution sublime reduce font-size for all instances. In my case that use tree monitors (1920x1080 on notebook, 1280x1024 and 1440x900 on monitors) it’s really annoying :smile:.


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You can setup a project for each window, and specify the font size in the project - see the project docs for details



@jps : that’s a work-around, but not a solution!

I second this feature request. I find it rather annoying that the font-size is the same across all windows.

Setting-up the font size in the project is not a good solution for everyone.

  1. You might want to display the same project in two windows on different monitors…

  2. You might not want ProjectA always to be displayed on the same screen.

Sublime Text should allow different font sizes for different windows!



I support this feature request.

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I think, a better solution is a zoom function with “Ctrl+ +” / “Ctrl+ -”, known from browsers or SciTE editor.



You are right BugFix. Ctrl + or Ctrl - is enough for adjusting different sublime windows.



Agreed. Some sort of solution is important. And setting font size for a project
is an awful workaround for my situation: sometimes working at the
office, with multiple monitors, and sometimes at Starbucks, with only the laptop.




Ctrl + and Ctrl - To change GLOBAL font size

Ctrl shift + and Ctrl Shift - To change LOCAL (window especific) font size, relative to the GLOBAL font size

Ctrl shift 0 , to reset LOCAL font size equal to GLOBAL (or multiplier = 1)

That may work

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Is there any update on this?

This request is from Aug 2015, and changing the font size is still very much broken!:weary: