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All Changes Marked As Conflicts


Please reference attached image.

On the left side, the new code is shown. The right side is code that was written in the late 1990s.

I am trying to figure out why this is a conflict. I expected this change would have been applied rather than marked as a conflict by the git merge command. All changes made in the branch I am merging in are shown as conflicts. Also, many files are shown needing conflict resolution but when I click to preview the file in SM it simply shows the message contents indentical. I assume this is due to whitespace changes only.

I have Whitespace Visibility set to show always and Show Whitespace Changes set to show.



It looks to me like you are trying to mege in the code from 1990’s (right) into your current branch, which already had some recent changes (left view). The merge would therefore overwrite newer changes, which git finds suspicious for good reasons.

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I appreciate your response. I think you just exposed that I know just enough about git to cause real damage. I think the root cause is my merging in the wrong direction.

Obviously not a SM issue.
Thanks deathaxe, I have found your answers to other questions quite helpful over the years.