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Aliases for project folders?


I’ve come into an issue where let’s say I have three folders named “css” in various places on my machine. I added all of these folders to a particular Sublime project… and now I have three folders in my “FOLDERS” list named “css” and there is no way to differentiate between them other than just knowing the order I added them.

Is there a best practice for managing this (such as being able to give folders an alias within the project) without renaming the actual folder?

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This used to be possible in ST1, but not anymore. Maybe you can request this feature to be reinstanted via UserEcho.



Looks like there is already a request for this feature (added 4 months ago). Hopefully it will gain some traction though it didn’t have many votes.



I stumbled on this old, old thread, having the same issue. What became of this? Is there currently a way to alias / annotate folders within a project?



It’s possible to assign a label to a “top-level” folder you’ve added to a project in the project file, using the “name” key. That will show up in the sidebar, etc.

			"name": "Local Work",
			"path": "."
			"name": "Staging Environment",
			"path": "X:\\foo\\bar\\MyProject"

I’m not aware of a way to alias or label a sub-folder in the tree, but if you’re OK with adding additional Folders entries for the items you want to alias or annotate, there’s an option.



Ah… thank you! Just what I wanted.



The Folder Aliaser adds a handy sidebar context menu item to rename the folders.