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Alert, deleting files



The last update for Sublime Merge (2038), after installing the update, delete the User folder, in my case, from c:\program files\sublime\merge\packages\

I was customizing the dark theme, the installation has erased everything.




The correct directory for custom things is C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Merge\Packages.


By the way, one of my old finding: the auto upgrade cleans the installation directory while a manual installation won’t.



Thanks, I will work from c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\sublime merge\packages




At least in my case, Sublime Merge doesn’t load packages from:
c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\sublime merge\packages

In fact the folder was never created by Sublime Merge, I made it myself but it didn’t work, it doesn’t load anything from there.

This despite the fact that the documentation indicates it:

So I will have to be careful when updating SM

However, it worked for me

compressed packages from:
c:\program files\sublime\merge\packages\

uncompressed packages:
c:\program files\sublime\merge\data\packages\user\

Something great for uncompressed packages is that if you edit the dark theme’s properties, you can see the changes immediately !!!

In my case, for compressed packages, I had to restart Sublime Merge, to see the changes, much much slower.



The data here would indicate that you’re running a portable copy of Merge; in that case it doesn’t create files in your home directory, which is why you don’t see the folder there.

The advice to find the appropriate place for unpacked packages would be to choose Preferences > Browse Packages... from the menu, which will open the folder that Merge is using, regardless of it’s location, your install method or your operating system.

The same is also true for Sublime Text (where it is also an exceedingly bad idea to directly modify the contents of a sublime-package file for precisely the reason you discovered the hard way, unfortunately).