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Adding Web-Links to Projects


When I start a working session on a project I usually begin by opening ST, then the various other tools which I need, and various web pages associated with the project (the repo’s home page, its Wiki or website, and often some documentation pages I need for reference while coding).

It would be indeed nice to have a new feature which allows to associate links (to website or local HTML files) to every project, which would then be gathered under a dedicate menu entry (e.g. Project » Links) allowing to easily open the required web pages.

I think this should be a native feature because projects being associated to websites or repositories is very common.

A similar feature to launch third party applications (allowing extra parameters) would also be cool, this would allow users to start ST and launch all other required tools and opening web pages without leaving the editor (some repositories require opening a significant number of other tools and web pages at each working session).

And, finally, having a menu entry (and shortcut) to open all the project associated web pages and launch all the apps at once would be an added bonus.



This sounds like a perfect use case for a plug-in. Don’t see why this should live it core