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Add Version Number to Registry / Add Remove Programs


The latest installer for Sublime Text does not write the version number in the registry / add/remove programs. It is good practice to have that information written down. Can you please add it? Thanks!



When you say version number, do you mean like Sublime Text 4 versus Sublime Text, or something like the build number (4106 or 4107, currently).

If it’s the former, that’s on purpose; Sublime Text has no version number anymore and is just named Sublime Text to coincide with Sublime Merge and how both now use a license which allows for updates over a span of time instead of for a particular version.

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Unrelated, but when are you going to start a video series about Sublime Merge?



I’m currently working on that but the date got pushed back a little bit by the ST4 public release, since I wanted to get more focused videos about the update and the common questions that come with that. Soon though!



The name of the product can stay as “Sublime Text” that’s fine and I agree with you. However, there is also a version number field to be filled and it is currently empty. Up to you if you want to write the build number but usually it goes like this: major.minor[.build[.revision]] (example: )

Please see

If I can suggest a version number for build 4107: 4.1.07
And have that value written in the registry at install