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Add option to control whether the recent file list is global or per-window



I wish to suggest a change related to Sublime Text build 4127, a little late perhaps, but I find it annoying ever since that change… In particular:

The recent file list is now global instead of per window

Please add an option, or in other words make this behavior controllable with a setting to choose from “default; global” or “legacy; per window”. So, for us who are used to that old per-window recent file list behavior can still opt-in to use it.

Thank you for understanding.
Yours truly, boiii. :smiley_cat:



You can use the undocumented "recent_source": "window" setting to do this. I’d be curious to know your use-case/workflow for this.

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Thank you very much, the recent_source trick is working.
My workflow is kind of simple, I have several ST windows where each has some distinct purpose and that’s basically why I prefer to have per-window recent file list, a minor convenience in my opinion.
For some actual example: I usually open a new window to “Find in folder”, so it is helpful to have per-window recent file list in this case rather than global, because I would not want recent file list to interfere with my other windows where I do some coding, hopefully that makes sense.