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Add licence key during installation or via CLI


Hello :slight_smile:

I am currently automating the setup of my MacBook and I was wondering if it is possible to automatically register my sublime instance.

I currently installing it via brew. So I’d love to add the licence directly as an installation argument or afterwards using the subl command.

Can you help me with that?

Kine regards



There are only two direct ways to get your license.

The first is to choose the menu item and interactively paste the license information into the dialog. When you do so, the license gets stored in $DATA/Local/License.sublime-license, where $DATA is the OS specific location where configuration is stored. The easiest way to find that location is to use Preferences: Browse Packages and go up one folder.

When you do this, the License is stored in a binary format that’s unique to the machine you activated it on,and will only work on that machine.

The second way is to manually put a file named License.sublime-license into that location via script, Sublime would start up licensed, but ONLY if you use a file gathered from doing this manually as above, and only on the one machine.

Sublime allows for you to put this file in place, but as a text file instead of a binary file, where the text of the file is the same text you would paste into the license dialog manually. In that case it will also start up licensed, but should anyone ever get access to the license file they would be able to effectively “Steal” your license, which could cause it to be black listed and you’d have to contact support.