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Ability to switch git branches from the status bar indicator



Clicking on the branch name shown in the status bar currently launches Sublime Merge:

Since I work with a few branches in every project, it’d be nice to be able to pick the local branch to switch to instead of launching SM, a workflow I got used to previously on VSCode before migrating to ST.

I searched the documentation but couldn’t find any reference to this functionality, so I guess it is not supported… (yet!)

While I heavily use the CLI, again I believe this would be a really handy feature to have built-in in ST.




While this would be cool, I personally recommend just using to switch branches from within Sublime Text. It will allow you to switch branches from the command palette. Keep your hands on the keyboard and just call git: checkout, and select your branch.

I find with GitSavvy, I have no need for such behavior from the status bar, but I could see it still being convenient.

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