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Ability to remove "rebase" or "merge" options in context menus


Hi, I personally don’t use “rebase”, instead I always merge in the other direction. I imagine there are users who work the opposite way. For me, having both options can make the menus a bit cluttered, especially when multiple branches apply.

I’ve love to see an option to choose whether the various context menus should contain the “rebase” options, or the “merge” options, or “both” (both being the present behavior).

I think this would make the context menus a bit cleaner (there are quite a few options in them, which make them less muscle-memory-friendly), and also cut down on the possibility of hitting the wrong option (which I did recently) when moving quickly.

Presumably, all of the various options would remain available via shortcuts and via the command palette, so no functionality would be lost/disabled.

Thanks for considering.

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