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Ability to disable 'singleton' mode for the sublime process


Hi, I tend to have many sublime windows open (with a project in each), including, fairly frequently, projects on other machines, via sshfs - I work on desktop environment components in Linux (panels, screensaver, window manager, etc…), and for some things ssh is the only reasonable way I can test and debug.

This usually works fairly well - I need to do a manual ‘refresh’ occasionally in both -text and -merge, but this is minor stuff. The biggest problem is that any latency between the two computers renders all of my Sublime windows unusable until it’s resolved.

I’ve had a look at various plugins for remote work and most haven’t been update in 5+ years. One that does sort of work is SFTP, but it doesn’t allow a complete environment (tree in the sidebar, etc…).

I’ve been toying with using the bubblewrap sandbox tool to isolate individual instances but have had limited success, though I’ll keep trying.

Thanks for any consideration of this.