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A way to export and import all configurations and packages


There is already a discussion on how to backup ST3 config here What’s the best way to backup the ST3 configuration

Would it be hard to create a plugin or bake in a feature that would show an export/import menu item? I imagine it would create an archive with all custom configurations, a list of installed packages, any user modifications and the global configuration.

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Which part about “copy the User folder” would need to be automated in your opinion and what for?

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I use ST3 since my original ticket from 2017 as quoted by Davorin.

In many, many software that I use like fusion 360 for 3D modelling or Rambox wich link all my webmail / communication solutions I have an account, and I can connect myself to any computer for having my same setup.

With sublime, All the stuff need to be backuped manually. I can’t work on many computer without pushing my own Sublime settings and all of the repo who I work for on each of my computer.

When I make a little change, I have to :

On the first computer :
Git add
Git commit
Git push own my repo

On my second computer
Git fetch / rebase or Pull

And that each time I want to synchronize. That’s very boring.

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There is a package that uses GitHub gists to store and load configurations. I think it’s called Sync Settings. Sounds like that’s what you’re looking for – a way to get your working environment spread across many different platforms.



Awesome, I think that’s what I’m looking for. Thank you!



Okay, that sounds easy. Just tried it, but I admit it’s not the best user experience. There is no message, the editor just freezes and keeps annoying with a popup that a color scheme doesn’t exist, Seems to be doing something in the background though. But there is no progress dialog or anything, it’s just unusable, and some package readme’s keep showing up, so that tells me it must be installing the packages. Only there is no indication. I’m gonna let it do it’s work and see. Thanks.



If you want the most seamless transition, you can copy your entire Packages and Installed Packages folders. That’ll have all the installed packages as well, so you won’t get popups for missing color schemes, for example (which I agree are disturbing). However, when changing platforms, you may end up with the wrong binaries because of platform-specific packages or dependencies and recovering from that is a lot more annoying than dealing with a few popups.