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A Sublime File app?


Sublime HQ. Not sure what is in your pipeline guys but I think you should consider a decent "Sublime File " file manager app. With dual panel mode & tabs support like e.g. Total Commander, Forklift, Path Finder etc. Rock solid and super fast, with simple Sublime style UI like the the rest of Sublime apps are.

I think it will fly like hot cakes. Pretty much every developer I know will use some form of advanced file manager since the OS built in ones are usually super light on features. Many will give preference to dual pane view mode + tabs. Some of us are still stuck with terminal text mode file managers (me included) due to luck of a half decent GUI alternative.

Everything I tried so far for Mac is not quite my cup, usually slow and clunky with non-uniform UI etc. I think if there is anyone out there capable of creating a lightweight super fast file manager it will be Sublime…

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I didn’t try.



Been there, seen that. Super limited functionality with this one. No tabs, no decent file search, no favorites/bookmarks, no color themes. Way too simplistic.

Think I tried or at least checked every reasonably looking GUI file manager I managed to google up. The closest one for Mac I think was the paid Pro version of Nimble Commander but sill not quite there.

Hence my hope Sublime may eventually take on this too. Naturally, file manager is the next most used productivity app after text editor and VCS. I’d even say it is the most used tool coming before editor. At least it is the case for me anyways.




If only the amazing Directory Opus was not just Windows…



I do hope Sublime fixes bugs in Sublime Text 4 first