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A question about packages in sublime text 2


So, I’m using both, sublime text 3 and 2, but on 3 I have 2 folders that i’m working on for a project, and I need 2 more, but that 2 are on sublime text 2, and I don’t want to confuse these 4 folders between them, so thats why I’m working with both (s3 & s2).

My question:
I just reinstalled my windows and downloaded s3 and s2, s3 works perfectly, instead of s2, i can’t find the ‘install package’ or something like that for s2, i have just ‘Preferences: browser packages’ (when I press CTRL+SHIFT+P)
I need that because I work with laravel, and i need that ‘Laravel Blade Syntax’ (Laravel Blade Highlighting).

Can someone help me to solve this?



Why not just use ST 3211 ? ST2 is dead. There is no development work going on for that and really you should not be using it as well and I believe v3.4.0 of Package Control was the last version to support ST2.

Long story short, please stop using ST2.



The dev team will be interested in why people still use ST 2 (exception that they don’t have a ST 3 license but have a ST 2 one). I personally even have stopped using ST 3…



I need direction on how to link external CSS file and HTML file using sublime text 1.4



I fixed. I just needed to download an old repository from github of laravel blade highlighter to works on s2.