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A problem about it


Before that, I opened both the code writing window and the settings window.
We all know that every time settings are opened, a new window pops up.
Then I closed the code window and then settings.
Then when it opens, the window defaults to its last location.
The result is that I can’t call the code window.:persevere:




I believe you can just

  1. Click the X in the corner for that settings tab.
  2. Click “View” in the menu, then “Layout” and “Single” in the side menu (or hit Alt-Shift-1)
  3. Then open the source code file you were originally working with.

You should be back to normal at this point. You might find it useful to create a project file for your source code. When you do that, Sublime creates a special workspace for that project and associates it with the project so when you are in the project it restores your buffers when you last exited.

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