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A Breakup Letter


Ah, Sublime. I really like you. I mean, I really really like you a lot. I think you know that. I mean you’re great, and these last few months of getting to know each other have been wonderful. In fact, I could see myself settling down permanently with an editor like you. If only there weren’t two things stopping me.

Your symbol lookup is lacking.

And you are completely missing an integrated Python debugger.

I know, I know, you support multiple languages and so you’re not particularly well suited to just one language. But I think you know me well enough by now. As far as I am concerned, there is just one language, and that’s Python. So if you were really serious about me you would have improved both of these issues. You would have done that for me, and I wouldn’t have had to ask.

I have something to admit. I have been seeing another IDE on the side. For the past 3 weeks I have been firing up Pycharm and playing around. Nothing serious, but I gotta tell you, it’s thrilling to hover over symbols in the editor and see actual external library definitions, and docstrings and line numbers in other files, just like they were in the same project you’re indexing. So yeah, you can sort of give me what I want in the project files I have open, you miss the mark when it comes to builtins and imported modules.

Now this might hurt because it’s personal - but I have to say it. You can’t compare when it comes to debugging. Pycharm is incredible for this. She even lets me debug pytest runs. I guess I used to be satisfied with your standard pdb style of debugging under the covers, but not anymore. Once I got a taste of Pycharm’s ability to visually drill down into the code, I was hooked. I can’t go back. I won’t go back.

I guess I am telling you all this because I really want to stay. Pycharm doesn’t seem to have the same depth you have, and I have grown used to how you work. You just feel right under my fingers. But these are two really important issues for me, so if we can’t figure out a way to satisfy me I might have to leave.



Have you tried using ? Don’t use it myself but have seen people mentioning it whenever this topic comes up. From a look at the README, it seems debugging capabilities for Python is already available with the package.

Maybe try in conjunction with for it ?



Thanks so much! This is precisely what I was looking for. LSP seems to give me precisely what I want as fa as symbol lookup & definition goes. I am still playing with the debugger, haven’t really gotten it to work yet, but I will keep on trying. For now at least, I’m not moving in with Pycharm.